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Who We Are

At One-Community Consulting our Incubation Stewards are industry experts of their respective fields. Collaboratively, we deliver sustainable results and leverage further resources to pressing cross-sector community challenges. At the same time, these partners also provide our in-house social entrepreneur associates with the mentoring and coaching support necessary to ensure their start-up’s gain traction, expand and positively impact their neighborhoods.  

This social entrepreneur leadership system helps those who have a social impact business idea to pilot their model with consultant and “incubation steward” guidance. While there are many supports in place throughout mid-Michigan, in particular, for those wishing to develop technology for the marketplace, much remains unexplored for those wishing to start-up a service-based civic impact business. Daily, we find those with traditional backgrounds such as political science, engineering or social work, desiring to offer their skills in non-traditional ways, yet unsure of how to progress.

Therefore, to meet this need One-Community Consulting’s social entrepreneur leadership process connects our associates with real-time experience to help tailor their model while benefiting from our partner incubation stewards’ wisdom and experience ultimately cultivating results-based social impact. If you are interested in becoming a social entrepreneur associate or learning the art of consulting, please contact us.

*Incubation Stewards are not employed by One-Community Consulting, but act in an advisory capacity.

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Our Stewards


  • Sri Bhagavathula

    Sri Bhagavathula, MBA, PMP

    Management Consulting

  • Dennis Dorogi

    Dennis Dorogi, MBA

    Human Resources

  • Sheri Greenhoe

    Sheri Greenhoe

    Marketing & Communications

  • Dionna Harvell

    Dionna Harvell, MS

    Event Planning

  • Bill Knudson

    Bill Knudson, PhD

    Market Economics

  • Richard Manza

    Richard Manza, MBA

    Financial Structuring

  • Rory Neuner

    Rory Neuner, MPP

    Public Health

  • Sanjeev Shah

    Sanjeev Shah, CFA, MBA

    Operations Management

  • Jamie Schriner Hooper

    Jamie Schriner Hooper, MS

    Sustainable Development

  • jim smiertka

    Jim Smiertka, JD

    Legal Expertise

  • Nikki Thompson Fraizer

    Nikki Thompson Fraizer, MS


  • Aaron Weinfield

    Arnold Weinfeld

    Government Relations


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