Client Review: The Right Place Discusses Montcalm County’s 2019 Food Summit

In the winter of 2019, One-Community Consulting put together a Food Summit for Montcalm County and surrounding regional partners. This event was built to draw healthy food growers, supplier, buyers, educators, community representatives, stakeholders and more for a day of workshops, discussion, planning and networking. In this client review, Kathy Jo Vanderlaan with The Right… Continue reading

Client Review: Mid-Michigan District Health Department and the Montcalm County food hub feasibility study + business model

In this video Marcus Cheatham, PhD, Health Officer, at the Mid-Michigan District Health Department discusses working with One-Community Consulting on building the Montcalm County food hub. Over the last six months One-Community Consulting conducted a feasibility study and from this built a business model to improve the regional triple bottom line and increase access to… Continue reading

Client Review: The Hadley Clinic

The Hadley Clinic, based in Grand Rapids, MI, offers a variety of physical therapy treatments with specific focus on sports injury and rehabilitation.  Throughout the spring of 2018, One-Community Consulting developed their business strategy and a marketing plan for clinic growth and satellite development. In this process, Dr. Hadley desired strong focus on community give-backs… Continue reading